Z101 PET Pot Range

Z101 PET Pot Range
Volume Range:
198ml, 262ml, 294ml, 391ml
32.8 mm to 68.5 mm
101 mm
Sealing flange
Product NameDiameter (mm)Depth (mm)Brimful Volume
Z101 straight sided (TF/B40)Ø10132.8198ml
Z101 straight sided (TF/B41)Ø10144262ml
Z101 straight sided (TF/B42)Ø10149.9294ml
Z101 straight sided (TF/B43)Ø10168.5391ml
Lid Z101 - clip over (TF/L05)Ø10111.7/
Lid Z101 - standard (TF/L05)Ø1016.3/


  • Available in PET, suitable for chilled applications
  • Suitable for decoration (subject to minimum order quantities)
  • Lid options available
  • Suitable for direct food contact
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