Round Multilayer Tray Range

Round Multilayer Tray Range
Volume Range:
476ml, 480ml, 500ml, 510ml, 540ml, 552ml, 560ml, 623ml, 650ml
31 mm to 40 mm
180 mm
Standard RangeDiameter (mm)Height (mm)Brimful Volume 
480-285-K2Ø18036476ml (297+179ml)
500-400-K3Ø18034510ml (235+165+110ml)
540-400-K2Ø18034552ml (315+237ml)
580-350-K2Ø18036560ml (312+248ml)
610-500-K3Ø18040623ml (286+204+133ml)


  • Available in different materials: Polypropylene mono and barrier (PP / EVOH / PP)
  • O2 scavenging material can be integrated to counteract retort shock effects and enhance shelf-life
  • Available in various colours and bi-colour options (i.e. cream-white)
  • Sealable
  • Suitable for direct food contact
  • The Shelf-Life You Need...
  • Multilayer plastic packaging from RPC offers an effective barrier against oxygen ingress and provides the necessary strength to allow hot fill, pasteurisation, sterilisation and aseptic filling.
  • The Convenience You Want...
  • Plastics have proven aesthetics, functionality, design flexibility, light weighting and shatterproof properties. We can provide the ideal pack for a wide variety of products to meet the differing requirements of manufacturers, retailers and consumers.  
  • The Image You Require...
  • Our standard and custom designs, augmented by a range of decoration options, will help maximise your brand's image and appeal.
  • RPC - Bring Packaging To Life
  • RPC is a "one-stop-shop" for your multilayer needs. Whatever your packaging requirements are, if plastics offer the solution then RPC has the answer. Our production facilities throughout Europe ensure fast and efficient service. 
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