Fresher for Longer

Published Thursday 8th of March 2018

The combination of a multilayer thermoformed pot from RPC Bebo Deventer with HPP (High Pressure Processing) treatment is enabling Lazy Foods, a new and successful Dutch food company, to offer a range of preservative-free dips with an extended ambient shelf-life.

In order to give the products a shelf-life of at least 30/40 days, they are being fi lled in the RO 115 cup from RPC Bebo, which features a multilayer polypropylene structure to prevent oxygen ingress.

In addition, the cups undergo HPP treatment, whereby they are placed in a container and put under 6,000 bar water ressure. This provides a natural preservation process that eliminates harmful bacteria and mould.

The RPC cups are supplied in three sizes – 175cc, 250cc and 500cc – and sealed with a specially-developed

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