Decoration - Printing

"Colour your brand”

Customised plastic lids, pre-printed at Bebo Plastik in Bremervörde, Germany, deliver excellent cost efficiency thanks to the use of the latest technology. The holohedral decoration creates a completely borderless print with excellent reproduction of complex colourful motifs.

Solutions - Pre-Printing

We can offer state of the art decoration alternatives by employing latest technology.

Pre-printing (patented technology) provides: 

  • Brand extension 
  • Permanent branding
  • Maximum facing - it is available for all existing lid applications.

Key Features:

  • Offset printing optimized for pre-printing of rigid plastic packaging = “Bebo Print”
  • Printing before forming allowing all-over design coverage, including rim area
  • Maximum shelf impact
  • Up to 7 colours + varnish for photorealistic design quality and brand-specific requirements (e.g., logos in pantone colours)
  • Half tones from 0-100% gradation
  • In-house origination studio for color separation
  • In-house computer to plate (CTP) system for rapid origination and plate production

Bebo Print is our patented technology for the in-house web-offset printing of sheet, combined with unique thermoforming technology, producing pre-printed lids to a very high standard of decoration.

Solutions Pre-Printing Group Image

IML-T (In-Mould Labelling for Thermoforming)
Key features:-

  • Labelling of containers during thermoforming process, allowing almost full cover decoration in exceptional print quality
  • Available for barrier and non-barrier containers
  • All-over decoration options (incl. top or bottom stacking elements) possible, depending on container design
  • Label options with windows and/or gaps possible to enable consumer to see filled product and/or fill level-
  • Embossing options for 3D brand experience

Dry offset / postprinting
Key features:-

  • Printing of containers after thermoforming process, allowing high quality, cost-effective decoration
  • Consistently sharp and clean resolution with soft shading
  • Laser engraved printing plate options for premium HD quality


Labelling (off-mould)
Key features:-

  • Labelling after thermoforming with self-adhesive labels for high quality decoration, also for smaller print runs (e.g., for promotions)
  • Up to 8 colour labels for photorealistic design quality and brand-specific requirements (e.g., logos in pantone colours)
  • Special materials (metallic look, no-label look, etc.) and label features (booklets/leaflets, removable labels, tear-strip labels, etc.) possible upon request.

Key features:-

  • Embossing of lids or containers during thermoforming process enabling 3D brand experience
  • Brand logos, designs and letterings possible 

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