Apprenticeships at RPC Bebo

At RPC Bebo we recognise the value in unleashing the potential of our employees.
An apprenticeship at RPC Bebo is a unique and exciting opportunity to kick-start
your career which doesn’t end when your apprenticeship does. After supporting
you through your education to the highest level possible, we are keen to see you
progress in seniority within the business. 

Why choose one of our apprenticeship opportunities?

  • Earn a competitive salary whilst being supported in completion of a recognised qualification
  • A combination of practical hands on experience alongside academic learning
  • Potential opportunities to progress on to further study upon completion of your apprenticeship

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Case Studies

Tom Werny, Apprentice, RPC Bebo Plastik

Tom Werny took an interest in electronics work for industrial engineering after completing a school internship at EWE Netz.

He has recently completed his apprenticeship as an Electronic Technician with RPC Bebo Plastik.

“I decided to take the apprenticeship route with RPC because of an internship I took during my 9th grade; I particularly liked the versatility of the profession.”

“My main tasks have been to repair, modernise and optimise machines according to the needs and requirements of the production department. I have been welcomed instantly and the team have helped me immensely by explaining my tasks well.”

“After my apprenticeship, I would like to carry on with my training so that I can become a Master Electronics Technician. I know that RPC offer further training opportunities and I’m excited to see how my career can continue to develop.”

Sam Rowley ISB Development Engineer, RPC M&H Plastics



Sam Rowley’s interest in engineering developed at an early age thanks to the influence of her father’s car mechanics business.

She completed a BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Operation Engineering before joining RPC M&H Plastics as an apprentice technician.

At the end of the four-year course she was appointed Development Engineer in the Injection Stretch Blow Moulding department.

“My apprenticeship allowed me to gain the valuable skills and knowledge that resulted in a permanent position.”

“As a young woman, the thought of embarking on a career in engineering did seem quite daunting, but I have received great support and encouragement during my time with RPC and I would certainly recommend other women to give such a career serious consideration.”

“Within my role I get involved in a wide variety of tasks and this supports my development by learning new skills on a daily basis.” “The best part of my job is being able to switch from getting hands-on with the machines to working alongside my colleagues in the office, which gives me a wide variety of tasks throughout the day and ensures I’m always on the go.”

“RPC M&H is a successful and growing business, and this means there are plenty of opportunities for career advancement, and the support and training available to help people achieve their ambitions.”

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