Increasing competition for space in the chill cabinet means there is a growing demand for food packaging that can deliver a long ambient shelf life.

With a choice of materials, Bebo is your contact for barrier packaging solutions. Let our unrivalled expertise in multilayer plastic packaging provide the protection, freshness and brand image your product needs. 

Our multilayer plastic packaging offers an effective barrier against oxygen ingress and provides the necessary strength to allow hot filling, pasteurisation, sterilisation and aseptic filling.

Plastic has proven aesthetic, functionality, design flexibility, light weight and shatterproof properties. We can meet the differing requirements of manufacturers, retailers and consumers to devise the ideal pack for a wide variety of products.

Our standard and bespoke designs, augmented by a range of decoration options, will help maximise your brand’s image and appeal.

"How to stay fresh longer”

Changing consumer habits, combined with technological innovations, opened up a new range of applications for plastic packaging as it became the preferred option for products requiring a long shelf life at room temperature.  Increasing demand for the fast and uncomplicated preparation of a ready meal or enjoying a snack of freshly prepared fruit could be successfully implemented with a plastic packaging solution.

Given the fact that to make a homemade dish or prepare the fresh fruit require the purchase of individual ingredients and are time-consuming in their preparation, it is hardly surprising that convenience foods have become more and more appealing in our modern times.  And packaging has supported this trend.  Dishes offered in microwavable packaging are increasingly popular, while to eat them directly out of the pack is the pinnacle of the convenience proposition.

Here, plastics have decisive advantages compared to glass and metal. They are break-resistant and free from sharp edges, have a high degree of flexibility for practical and user-friendly packaging design, including divisible multi-packs offering several individual portions, have a low weight and are ideal to heat in microwave ovens.

These advantages are not only benefits for consumers, but also for manufacturers and fillers. The easy sterilisation of a ready meal, to precise cooking times and temperatures, and extended shelf life at room temperature are vital to ensure consistent product quality.  The light weight and stackability of plastic packs offer important logistical advantages, with the number of packs per pallet much higher, resulting in significantly lower costs as well as a reduced carbon impact on transportation.  And effective packaging design is the crucial component for successful product placement in competitive markets, so the wealth of creative possibilities, including different shapes and colours and also transparency, helps to establish brand identity and appeal.

Barrier packaging solutions combine different polymers, such as PP, which is especially waterproof, with EVOH, which is highly impermeable to oxygen. The resulting packaging protects products against moisture and oxygen.  The addition of a further component can have an oxygen-binding effect to actively counter the inflow of oxygen, and further enhance the pack’s durability.

In this way, the demands for an attractive, feature-optimised packaging solution are met, combining perfect product integrity with on-shelf consumer appeal.   

 Key Facts:

  • High temperature processing
  • Increased shelf life
  • Consumer convenience
  • Product safety
  • Attractive design

All pack solutions utilise high-performance materials, such as EVOH barrier films and Bebo's unique development of oxygen scavenger materials.

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